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Check out the new photoblog!  I know a lot of you visit the site primarily to check out pictures of our little ones, and unfortunately it generally takes me forever to get all the pictures we take all organized and uploaded to an album.  In the meantime, a lot of great pictures that are just snapped randomly throughout the weeks tend to get lost and never uploaded (since they aren’t part of a big event or anything).  To try and alleviate this, I thought we’d try out a photoblog with only the best of the best pictures posted as soon as we take them.

I also wanted a nice simple theme, and I’d read about Monotone awhile back, so that’s what we’re using on it right now.  What it does is analyze the first picture in a post and style the colors of the blog based on the most prominent color in the photograph.  It’s really a pretty neat concept and I think it works really well.  Hope you enjoy!